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Mombasa, Kenya

What we do

We manufacture and distribute solar powered fish chillers to small scale fishermen. The chillers(Kuza Freezer) is affordable, durable and energy efficient!

Why we do it

To end post-harvest fish losses through sustainable cooling, improve food security and empower the small-scale fishermen.

How we do it

The product

Kuza Freezer - Chiller

Kuza freezer is a locally manufactured solar powered fish chiller system that is helping small-scale fishermen in low-income communities reduce post-harvest fish losses and maximize their profits.

Chiller features
  • It's Solar powered and energy efficient

  • Manufactured using fiberglass for durability & efficiency

  • Mobility - Can be used in moving objects like fishing boats

  • Remote chiller Monitoring & Tracking is enabled

Why help fishermen?

Small-scale fishermen in low-income communities are making high post-harvest fish losses due to lack of access to affordable and accessible cooling services.
Approximately, 1/3 of their fish harvest is lost before it can be sold or safely consumed.

Many of the fishing-dependent communities are either off-grid or do not have access to reliable and affordable electricity to run cold storage equipment, as only 30 percent of the Kenyan population have access to reliable electricity.

Lack of institutional credit is also an obstacle to enable these fishermen afford cold storage equipment.

How we do it

Pilot products

We manufactures the chillers and distribute them to the fishermen.

Fish harvest
Credit support

Through the support from a credit institution, the fishermen are trained on financial literacy and record keeping and then given access to credit support to purchase our chillers.

Money saved
Product distribution & Installation

Once the payments has been made we deliver the chillers, install them and then train fishermen on how to operate them.

Our Impact

Pilot products
Pilot products

Five (5) kuza freezer chillers installed in five fishing boats.

Fish harvest
Fish harvest & storage

Collectively, about 14,000 Kgs of fish is harvested and cooled using our chillers.

Money saved
Money saved

Collectively, over $240 is saved from purchasing iceblocks daily for the normal cooler boxes.


We have partnered with over 5 Beach management Units (BMUs) in Mombasa, Kenya with over 1,200 fishermen.


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